Lumion Training

 Lumion Training

Are you looking for an institute to get LUMION training in Kathmandu valley? If yes then please do visit or contact Complete Software Solutions to know more about LUMION training program. Lumion is essential software for everyone who wants to visualize their designs. It produces impressive, high quality still images and videos quickly compared with other visualization software.

Lumion training can be taken without prior experience in other visualization software. In lumion we can integrate real world elements like landscapes, forests, islands, plants and trees and external objects like cars, people etc. In lumion we can find all the materials like wood, glass, walls, metal and stone which helps us to give real world experience in our designs. It also has a lot of textures that we can integrate in our design.

Benefits of Lumion Training in Nepal

The training helps Urban Planners, Landscape Architects, Architects, Civil Engineers and Interior Designers transform specific design ideas into real objects. Further, knowledge of LUMION offers following skills and expertise to anyone pursuing this training:

·         With intuitive tools, features and a large Lumion content library, there is no limit to how you can show your exterior, interior, landscape or urban designs.

·         Add real-world terrain, rivers, farmland, and more in just a click.

·         Enhance your renders with the most detail-rich 3D tree and plant models in the content library.

·         With advanced lighting and shadow technologies such as Sky Light 2 and Real Skies, Lumion can also be an instrumental tool when showing and discussing the project’s lighting.

·         Street views: If you’re in the early stages of the design process and you want to see what your design will look like from the eyes of a bystander.

·         By using Lumion for presenting or evaluating materials, you can easily get a feeling for the impact your material choices will have.

·         Because of the range of high-quality materials available in Lumion’s large content library, you can easily show an exact representation of your design without having to endure the frustration of hunting for or making your own materials.

·         To easily and quickly render digitized nature scenes in a beautiful, captivating way

·         There are a lot of options to create different styles in Lumion.

·         You can create 360 panoramas.

Lumion Training

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