Autodesk AutoCAD Training

AutoCAD Training

AutoCAD is a computer aided design and drafting software that is used to create 2D and 3D drawings. It is used by the Planners, Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, Interior Designers, Graphic Designers and other Professionals.

This is the first software we should learn in Engineering. AutoCAD training is almost indispensable to Civil Engineers, Architects, Designers, Contractors, and Drafters. It is the used to draft two dimensional and three dimensional objects.

Enroll AutoCAD training with Complete Software Solutions

·         AutoCAD is the basic of all other software.

·         Be able to use basic commands required in professional 2D and 3D drawing, design and drafting.

·         Create Municipal Drawings.

·         AutoCAD has become the premier software used in 2D drawing/3D modeling and all other CAD software applications are modeled after its interface. As a result, knowing AutoCAD’s interface will give you some insight into using any other CAD applications.

·         Use the navigation menu, locate and apply features of AutoCAD.

·         Explore and use efficiency tools, create complex objects, use advance plotting.

·         Use tools and techniques for the use and reuse of drawing and design.

·         Plot diagram using appropriate tools.

·         Save time with built in workflows, thousands of standard parts, and features.

Benefits of AutoCAD training at Complete Software Solutions

·         Project based teaching methodology.

·         Highly qualified and experienced instructors.

·         Customer based training module (Online, Physical, at customers’ venue).

·         Opportunity to develop professional network with AutoCAD experts.

Training Modes

Complete Software Solutions provides AutoCAD course training in various modes and plans as follows.

·         Physical class

·         On-site training

·         Online instructor led

·         Online recorded video course (Online guidance by instructor once in a week)


·         Workshop(6 hours)

Autodesk AutoCAD Training

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