SAP 2000 Training

SAP Training

Structural Analysis Program (SAP) is a structural program that allows you to create structural models and perform the analysis and design. The program can analyze structures that are subject to either static or dynamic loads. The structures can be described in terms of truss, frame, plate, shell, or combinations of elements. The static loads include concentrated, uniformly/varying loading applied to discrete points on the structural models. The dynamic analysis features include model analysis to obtain model shapes and frequencies, response history analysis using either model superposition or direct integration techniques, and response spectrum analysis.

Our course covers operating knowledge of SAP for static analysis of RCC framed structure building as per Nepal Building Codes (NBC) and Indian Standard Codes (IS).

Benefits of SAP training at Complete Software Solutions

Complete Software Solution is focused on producing expert individuals in SAP and add crucial credentials to the portfolio of Engineers, Architects and Engineering Students. Students are provided with the following benefits at our institute:

·         Project based teaching methodology.

·         Highly qualified and experienced instructors.

·         Customer based training module (Online, Physical, at customers’ venue).

·         Opportunity to develop professional network with SAP experts.

·         Wider access to training equipment and materials.

·         Project Work under industry experts' supervision.

·         Job placement opportunities for outstanding trainees.


Training Modes

Complete Software Solutions provides SAP training in various modes and plans as follows.

·         Physical class

·         On-site training

·         Online instructor led

·         Online recorded video course (Online guidance by instructor once in a week)


·         Workshop (6 hours)

SAP 2000 Training

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